Foreigner or European Union citizen in Croatia


If you are doing business in Croatia or you want to do business in Croatia then you are on the right pages. We are business partner you can rely on. We can help you with:

Setting up a company in Croatia:

  • We can advise you in every single step of founding a new company in Croatia
  • We can do on your behalf all the necessary activities for setting up a company in Croatia

Strating doing business in Croatia:

  • We provide all sorts of business advisory and consulting services. This is particularly necessary at the beginning of your company's life

Information about Croatian taxes, laws and regulations:

  • We will inform you about all taxes, laws and regulations which concern you and your company

Accounting services:

  • We provide all accounting and bookkeping services and those are our primary business activities

Tearing down the language barriers:

  • For your better understanding we can unofficially translate all sorts of business documentations

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For all questions and information please contact us without hesitation because selection of your accountant is an important decision!

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